Festival Fun for the Whole Family!

Creative Corner Arts & Crafts Station + Scavenger Hunt (Saturday & Sunday, Noon - 6:00 pm @ Big Top)

Creative Corner is back! Visions of Independence will again be running this year's arts and craft station, this time with a large peace pillar to be put on display at the 2020 festival. You can write or paint your creative mark on this pillar for future folkies to see. Messages, pictures, and any creative artwork that promotes peace, unity, love, and diversity is welcome. The folks at Creative Corner will also be organizing a fun scavenger hunt for painted rocks through the Cottonwood Trail on Saturday and Island Park on Sunday.

Hydrotherapy from Heartland Family Wellness (Saturday, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm @ Pinewood Park, near house)

Heartland Family Wellness, through its holistic practice and treatments led by Dr. Lisa Graham, ND, is all about removing the layers of interference every individual accumulates throughout their life and adding health and wellness back into the equation (much different than the removal of symptoms or 'fixing' of illnesses). Hydrotherapy is one of the ways in which the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems are stimulated to function more optimally, and in turn, help the body be the self-healing organism it was created to be. Using hot and cold water towel treatments, hydrotherapies boost your energy levels and relax your nervous system. Experience one for yourself at the fest!

“Trash to Tunes” instrument-making Workshop with Richard Osen (Saturday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm @ Big Top)

Created by David Waring, this unique workshop gets you thinking about how we are connected to the world around us and everything we make comes from something, whether in the forest or the recycling bin. "All cultures through time utilized their natural environments for making fantastic evocative instruments like the bull roarer, mouth bow, animal horn, sea shell trumpet, and bamboo flute. Each instrument, either because of its particular sound, design idea, or special symbolic dimension, has its own special story. Anyone can create a variety of instruments using basic tools and simple materials including recyclables." So, why not try yourself?

Windchime-Making with Candis Militere (Saturday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm @ Big Top)

Using a combination of hand-cut metal objects, driftwood, and other accoutrements, we will assemble a wind chime to charm the birds. If people have needle nose pliers they can lend and bring along, that would be appreciated. From 5 years old to 85, everyone will enjoy this craft. There will be paint, paper-mâché, and beads to upcycle your wind chime. No two will be alike.

Judy & Ruby — Children’s Entertainment​ (Saturday @ Big Top)

Two of Winnipeg's favourite family performers will entertain kids, and of course, kids at heart under the big top with three 15-minute shows (at 2:00 pm, 3:15 pm, and 4:30 pm) featuring oodles of laughter, storytelling, singing, and interactive fun! 

Meditation with Kevin Harmer (Saturday, 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm @ Green Lawn south of Big Top)

Take a mindful, meditative break from the festival and tune into the present moment by focusing on your breathing during an hour-long meditation class led by Indra Kevin Harmer, a spiritual leader and meditation instructor from Winnipeg.

Flaming Trolleys Sacred Circus (Saturday & Sunday, TBA at festival)

The Flaming Trolleys and their Sacred Circus are entertainers, a rag-tag bunch of scaly-wags, a "Come-Unity" orchestra and a circus-like performance troop, which brings collective JOY to children, adults, seniors, plants and all other species alike! They do this on the street, at parks, at musical festivals across Canada, street festivals in diverse neighbourhoods, community gatherings, parades, political protests, marches, movie shoots, concerts and parties! Fun activities and music for all—catch them around the grounds at this year's festival. 

Hula Hooping (Saturday & Sunday)

Simply grab a hula hoop if you see one, and move your body during any type of music during the festival program! 

Northern Lights Bellydance Troupe (Saturday, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm @ Green Lawn south of Big Top)

Bridget and Vickie of The Northern Lights Bellydance Troupe will be hosting a workshop of ‘American Tribal Style’ Bellydance. 


Enjoy this fun, energetic form of bellydance complete with whoop & hollaring! 


We will deck you out in costumes and teach you basic ATS vocabulary which will allow the troupe to put on a performance to live music!


What is American Tribal Style or ATS?

ATS movements are inspired by folkloric dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and India. ATS is a method of improvisational choreography, using a vocabulary of movements and cues allowing the dancers to improvise together while dancing.

Magician Chris Kitchen (Saturday, 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm @ Big Top)

Join Chris Kitchen for a highly-popular show that combines magic and humour for all ages!

Prairie Strummers Ukulele Club with Jerry Maksymyk (Saturday, 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm @ Big Top)

If you love to strum your ukulele, sing, and desire to get a little better while having fun—or would like to learn the basics of playing the ukelele, sight unseen—then the not-to-be-missed ukulele workshop is for you! Amateurs and professionals welcome. Bring your ukulele and a music stand, or play one of the ukuleles on hand during this fun, educational, and interactive strumming workshop. You'll be playing in no time!

Open Mic Night (Saturday, 5:45 pm - 7:00 pm @ Red Barn/Harlequin Hangout) 

Music, comedy, poetry, theatre, dance...an open microphone/stage where anything goes! You can sign up to perform your new or original material in front of a supportive audience or simply sit back to enjoy a variety of emerging and established talent.