Make a Difference

"Volunteers are our heart, sponsors are our gift and music is our soul, so let's 'Whoop It Up' with the gift of heart and soul!"

Volunteers are the heart of our festival and events, and without the cherished time and effort of these passionate individuals, we simply couldn't pull off what we do as an organization. THANK YOU for everything you do, volunteers!


At Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival, all our volunteers receive:


  • FREE weekend admission (which includes three nights of tent camping and three days of music, art, dance, food, nature, and community)

  • at least one meal on the day they volunteer

  • valuable volunteer skills

  • an opportunity to express their creativity, connect with something they find meaningful, and make a difference in their community

  • the joy of giving

  • a rewarding festival experience

If you would like to become a volunteer at Whoop & Hollar or one of our other events happening throughout the year, please get in touch with us anytime! Our team of dedicated volunteers (serving several crews at the festival) has become a tight-knit family, and we'd love to make the circle wider for you!


If you love live music, being a part of something special, and sharing your positive energy with others, then volunteering at Whoop & Hollar is for you! Volunteers are the ambassadors of the festival, so please come in good spirits, help out in the best way you can, and play a role in making the festival experience better for others.


This summer, the 2021 Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival will be looking for volunteers to help the festival run extra smoothly on Friday, August 27th & Saturday, August 28th—in a safe, drive-in format that follows all public health guidelines! Our team is growing and we need your help to make the festival magic happen! 

Available Crew Positions may include (will fill-up on a first come, first served basis): Box Office/Gate Security, Volunteer/Info Tent, Musician Hospitality, First Aid, Campground, Social Media, Kitchen, Workshops, Wash Station, Floaters/Runners, Parking, Shuttles, Set-Up, Tear-Down, and Special Projects.

If you provide us with a brief outline of any strengths and qualifications you have, along with a little bit about yourself, we can hopefully find a job that best suits you! Requesting a particular volunteer position (or creating one of your own) works, too. Selected or not, your volunteer application will be kept on file for future reference.

Our volunteers feel valued and needed, and a sense of belonging. 95% of our volunteers keep coming back each year.

Thanks for your interest. Please register or contact us for further information by e-mailing Hope to see you on board our 2021 Whoop & Hollar volunteer team - we'd love to hear from you!