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Festival Reviews & Testimonials

Jason Andrich-Arkley, Toronto-based event producer and Harvest Moon Festival co-founder/organizer, writes:

"Home Routes on steroids."

Lyndon Vrooman, first-time festival goer and local guide, writes:


"Oh wow, hard to describe. This year was our first year, but, I'll give it a shot. To begin with, the area. Simply stunning, while well taken care of. Plenty of room in only a few acres, but also naturally separated to give optimal experiences. The places to camp were also well taken care of, with more than enough room for tents and trailers. Between the gardens and trees, it was a welcome sight to see children running around, being children, and no one complaining. Next, the staff and volunteers. I can't say enough about what all of them did leading up to the festival and during it. Between the setup, landscaping, helping people, and bringing everything together. The lineup of bands was fantastic, with multiple genres represented. There was more than a few mashups during things like the workshops and open mic. I also loved the idea of little red barn having acts to cover when the main stage was setting up for the next act. With everything that there was to do, there was not a chance to be bored or waiting to do something unless that's what you chose to do. Finally, the people. The people attending form a community to which everyone is welcome to share in the experience. This is most definitely a new yearly visit for our family." (5-star review)


Tim Olfrey, first-time volunteer, writes:


"Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your festival! I had an awesome time and I am thinking that it was my favourite folk festival this year! The atmosphere was total bliss! Now isn't that what a Country Bumkin folk festival should be all about! Word is going to get prepared! Thanks again for all your hard work!"


Jay Nowicki, lead guitarist and vocalist of The Perpetrators, writes:


"Thanks again for having The Perps out for your festival. You do a really great job creating such an event for the people of your community. What a positive atmosphere! This is what music festivals, at their purest, are all about. Music, smiles, food, dancing, community, etc. Please pass on my sentiments to everyone involved in making it happen."

Tricia Turner, one half of indie-pop duo The Young Pixels, writes:

I just want to say that my family and I really enjoyed and appreciated the warm, inclusive, family-friendly and nature-rich environment at Whoop and Hollar. It was magical to watch my children running freely and joyfully on all the beautifully-kept nature paths and through the majestic old cottonwood trees and getting the chance to interact with and be inspired by art and music and the people who make it. Seeing artists of all kinds sharing their crafts leaves an impression on my kids and encourages them to find their own creative voice. As musicians, we are very grateful to get the opportunity to meet and connect with all kinds of people and other artists in such an intimate environment, where we can share our experiences in an unhurried and heartfelt way, and inspire and support one another. In a world where it's not always easy to keep going as an artist, many of these conversations have kept us encouraged to keep creating through the long, dark winter months!

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