Festival Fare

Savour home-cooked food prepared fresh at the festival. Enjoy a wide variety of tastes from our local vendors.

Don't miss out on a FREE BBQ LUNCH (hot dog, snack, and drink) between noon and 2:00 p.m. on SATURDAY and SUNDAY, or while supplies last. Big WHOOP & HOLLAR thank you to CIRCLE K for their donation and support! 


CRAVINGS (by Kae Yurkiw) will be back with her popular Ukrainian fare (borscht, perogies, cabbage rolls, perogy poutine and the mouth-watering Whoop & Hollar platter that includes perogies, cabbage rolls, and kolbassa) as well as satisfying your cravings for hot dogs and hamburgers & soft drinks. 


SAWMILL TEA + COFFEE CO. & CATERING will be serving up vegan chili, nachos with cheese sauce or salsa, energy bites, and berry smoothies. 


You are also welcome to bring along your own picnic food and refreshments of choice.

Artisan Alley

Stroll through the festival's Artisan Alley, a handmade village featuring local, sustainable products from Manitoba. You may find giftware, clothing, jewellery, paintings, or cosmetics, among other artisanries of the finest quality.


Homegrown, wild-harvested, handmade infused oils, soap and accessories, salve, lotion, lip balm, bath salts, personal aromatherapy roll-ons, etc. 



"All my stuff comes from India (i.e. clothes, jewelry, personal items). Most of the products are handmadeand fair trade, supporting local businesses in the regions these items are made. Henna is a natural ink made out of natural henna leaves, so it has no side effects; tattoos last for a few days. In India, we have used henna as part of festivals since ancient times; thecolours of henna remind us of festivals and joyfulness."


A member of Prairie Ripples, Olivia works mostly with acrylics and sells her paintings. She takes inspiration from the colors that grab her attention. She appreciates the vivid oranges and reds, the bright yellows and all the greens of summer. She loves painting flowers and vases and fluffy, colored clouds. She hopes to create bright and bold art, learning and growing along the way. 



We will delight you with some of our new merchandise (handmade crafts, decorations, and household items created by local artisans from Portage la Prairie) while you enjoy some great food from Sawmill Tea & Coffee Co. & Catering. At Creative Corner, we are featuring one our local talented artisans Annalise Wendt who will teach us how to make some unique pieces of driftwood art! 


A local family business based out of MacGregor, MB. Discover a large assortment of hand-crafted products made locally from beeswax and honey, including some food items.


Winnipeg's counter-culture institution Ragpickers Anti-Fashion Emporium & Books is among Western Canada's premiere vintage apparel, costume and book stores, now making pop-up appearances at festivals like Whoop & Hollar. Owner Kristen Andrews is the happy heart of an urban style oasis offering vintage & designer clothes, accessories, costume and prop rentals, jewellery and handicrafts, local CDs, and books to a clientele as devoted as they are diverse. At "Rags", ever the domain of artists, performers and activists, the casual shopper may find themselves amongst the brightest lights of the city's independent scene. More by far than another great store, Ragpickers Anti-Fashion Emporium & Books is a true original—a world unto itself. Make it a part of yours!


Folk Fest T-SHIRTS will also be on sale at the Info/Audience Services Tent.


And don't forget to SUPPORT THE LOCAL PERFORMERS by purchasing their music and merchandise (CD's, tuques, shirts, etc.) at the merch table beside the stage!