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2023 Festival Fare

Savour home-cooked food served fresh at the festival. Enjoy a wide variety of tastes from our local vendors.


Don't miss out on a FREE BBQ LUNCH (hot dog, snack, and drink) between 11:00 am and 1:00 p.m. on SATURDAY, or while supplies last. Big WHOOP & HOLLAR thank you to CIRCLE K for their donation and support! Donations welcome.



ZIVA'S KITCHEN, a brand new, local food service in Portage la Prairie, is excited to set up at Whoop & Hollar on both Saturday and Sunday! Enjoy a menu that includes samosas, butter chicken and rice, chana masala, and tofu wraps!



SAWMILL CATERING will be back at the festival on both days, serving up lighter fare that includes tasty snack plates, wraps, hot dogs and veggie dogs, energy bites, chips, and soft drinks!


GOTTA HAVE THAT LEMONADE is once again taking care of the lemonade, mini donuts, and caramel popcorn (Sunday at Island Park only)!

You are also welcome to bring along your own picnic food and refreshments of choice.

Artisan Alley

Stroll through the festival's Artisan Alley, a handmade village featuring local, sustainable products from Manitoba. You may find giftware, clothing, jewellery, paintings, or cosmetics, among other artisanries of the finest quality.



Blessings Collection will be offering hennas and oracle readings at their artisan booth this year! They will also have a changing room which will allow festival goers the fun of trying on clothes and going home with a new colorful outfit.


Blessings specializes in women's or unisex clothing, furnishings, handmade jewelry, crystal rocks and jewelry, handmade bags, wall hangings, and an assortment of nick-nacks and decors from India. They also carry lovely handmade soaps, face/body/skin care items, and candles made in Manitoba.  "All my stuff comes from India (i.e. clothes, jewelry, personal items)," says owner Seema Chouhan. "Most of the products are handmade and fair trade, supporting local businesses in the regions these items are made. Henna is a natural ink made out of natural henna leaves, so it has no side effects; tattoos last for a few days. In India, we have used henna as part of festivals since ancient times; the colours of henna remind us of festivals and joyfulness."



An assortment of deliciously-fragrant soaps and beauty products made by Manitoba's Dawn Kitching, who grows and wild-harvests many of her own herbal ingredients. Natural oils like olive, coconut, grapeseed, and castor soothe the skin, and pure essential oils provide a sensory experience.


I create “wood spirits," which are fantasy figures that evolve from trees. They are made from various species of wood including softwoods such as pine and cedar, driftwoods from the lakes and cottonwood bark. These are created with rotary tools, dye grinders and chainsaws for larger figures. They take anywhere from an hour to five hours to make. 





Owned and operated by clients/staff of Visions of Independence as a social enterprise, Hidden Talents will delight you with some of their artisans' new merchandise (handmade crafts, decorations, artwork, and household items created locally in Portage la Prairie and area). Don't forget to stop by Sawmill Catering for some good food (also run by Visions).



Bob’s 3 Stringers will be offering Canjo’s, Diddley Bows, Chuggers, 3 string Cigar Box Guitars, fretted and non fretted, electric and electric/acoustic, 4 string electric and 6 string electric/acoustic. I will have an amp on site so you can find your forever Cigar Box Guitar.



The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS Manitoba), an environmental nonprofit that works to protect Manitoba's lands and waters for future generations of people and wildlife, will be setting up a booth at Whoop & Hollar! You can sign postcards supporting their conservation campaigns, and learn more about their nature-based programming for adults and children alike.


For over 25 years, Richard Warkentin has worked for Stanley Soil Management Association which is a not-for-profit organization that provides shelterbelt planting and maintenance services. He is looking forward to sharing information about the benefits of shelterbelts, and trees in general. He will also have tree seedlings available for sale at the event.


FESTIVAL & ARTIST MERCH (CAPS & T-SHIRTS) Whoop & Hollar caps and t-shirts will also be on sale at the Info/Audience Services Tent behind the mainstage (along with children's and youth story books by Jane & John Miller, creators of the Whoop & Hollar logo.


And don't forget to SUPPORT THE LOCAL PERFORMERS by purchasing their music and merchandise (CD's, tuques, shirts, etc.) at the merch table beside the stage!

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