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A Place of Discovery

"Nature is the greatest playground – there are no expectations, no challenges, and nowhere you have to be - just the excitement of discovering a colourful butterfly on a flower, chasing a friend [outdoors]..."

We were inspired by an article published in the Spring 2016 issue of our local health authority (Southern Health-Sante Sud)'s newsletter. The topic? Play. Not the need to be entertained. A "back-to-the-earth, grassroots kind of fun."

This article beautifully encapsulates one of our festival's reasons for being: to provide a rich, memorable experience for all, shaped by nature and simplicity.

Parents and guardians, feel free to take a look at this article, and let the meaning of it sink in. The Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival grounds abound with the treasures of the outdoors that every kid (and potentially adult) enjoys discovering - from flowers to gigantic trees to big grassy areas to wildlife. And many winding nature trails.


Do our children need big games and bouncy slides and electronics and amusement park rides to have fun, or is a walk through nature all it takes? Humans are born to create and discover, and interact with nature. We are inviting families to discover, continue, or rekindle the fun of playing outdoors at a music festival set in the beauty of the natural world.


There's also opportunities for children to create art at Creative Corner, dance to the music, participate in a workshop, or enjoy some family-friendly entertainment under the Big Top.

Read on and enjoy. Bring the entire family!


Southern Health (2016). Want to Play?. To Our Health, Spring 2016, 21. Retrieved July 11, 2016.

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